The Public Comment and Question Period aims to provide more predictable timelines for meetings and ensure this interaction is accessible as possible for anyone who may wish to attend or speak, recognizing public speaking can be challenging. Below are the recently adopted parameters for addressing Council:

  • allowing the public to make comments as well as ask questions in person
  • reducing the time limit for each speaker from five to three minutes, to increase the number of people who can participate
  • focusing the Public Comment and Question Period to a 30-minutes window
  • requesting speakers register to speak in advance of the meeting, online or in person, with their name, topic and question(s), if applicable
  • limiting speakers’ questions or comments to agenda topics, including the agenda topics from the prior two meetings
  • allowing the chairperson discretion to extend the time limit

Prefer to write an email to council to appear on an agenda? Send an email to Mayor and Council.

Register to speak at a Council meeting

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