The RMOW is continuing to draft a comprehensive Cemetery Master Plan to accommodate an expanding range of interment and memorial options at the Whistler Municipal Cemetery located on Alta Lake Road.

The Cemetery Master Plan project was initiated by Legislative Services indicating an immediate need for additional plots.

A consulting team specializing in cemetery design, planning and policy development was obtained by the RMOW to assess the cemetery’s current condition and establish a Cemetery Master Plan to guide future decision making.

Project deliverables to date include:

  • Fee update (adopted by Council in 2023)
  • Bylaw update (adopted by Council in 2023)
  • Addition of 48 new cremation plots “Block K” (completed in 2023)
  • Draft Master Plan (on hold 2024)

Project Update

The Master Plan, originally set to be completed in 2024, is currently on hold pending receipt of 2024 sales figures.

Sales varied considerably during and immediately following the Covid-19 pandemic. Having another year of activity will confirm trends and best inform longer term facility needs.

The RMOW will re-engage the consulting team in early 2025 to update the draft document to include 2024 sales data and finalize the Cemetery Master Plan, and present to Council for endorsement.

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Whistler Cemetery Background

Nestled among second growth forest at the base of Rainbow Mountain, the Whistler Cemetery is a sanctuary for peace and remembrance. The cemetery is operated by the Resort Municipality of Whistler. It is located on Alta Lake Road, approximately 800 meters from Rainbow Park.

Since 1996, the cemetery has provided for the burial of human bodies and human cremains. In 2003, Columbarium Walls, a Scattering Garden and more burial plots were added. Since then, there has been limited upgrades and expansion works within the grounds.

In Spring 2023, a small expansion area in the southwestern corner will be added to accommodate immediate needs. However, this small expansion will not fulfil future needs.

To inform future expansion, the RMOW is undertaking the development of a Whistler Cemetery Master Plan to progress the municipal cemetery towards financial sustainability, increased capacity, enhanced burial options and customer service, enhanced ecological function, and community meaning. This will also include a bylaw update to be compliant with current BC cemetery legislation and to include content that is both current with existing cemetery services and also considers potential new services. The outcomes of the Master Plan will provide a platform upon which future planning decisions for the Cemetery can be confidently made.