The “Whistler Sessions” Scenarios are stories about what could happen in Whistler’s future, from 2022 to 2050.

Whistler faces uncertain times for which there is no pre-existing roadmap to guide the way. In an uncertain future, scenarios help build shared capacity to talk together about how things could unfold. Thinking about the future together can help people collaborate to create the future they want.

The scenarios are not predictions about what will happen (forecasts) or what should happen (a vision).

Rather, the scenarios hypothesize different ways the future could unfold for Whistler’s communities, economy, environment, and culture.

The four scenarios are meant to be a catalyst for discussion and asks the question; how could our shared future unfold? And how do we improve Whistler’s future through more resilient and collaborative strategies?

Read The Whistler Sessions Scenarios Booklet

Upcoming Community Briefings at the Whistler Public Library

If you are a resident or have a connection to Whistler and want to be part of the conversation on our future at Whistler Public Library on Thursday, May 25.

Learn about four stories known as the Whistler Session Scenarios, and how we can all use these narratives to transform our future. We want you to be a part of the discussion as we consider what we all need to start doing, stop doing and keep doing to create the community we want be…

The Whistler Sessions Scenarios Briefings will include:

  • a review of the four scenarios followed by group discussion;
  • a presentation on how a local organization applied the scenarios in their work; and
  • an ideas exchange on personal and collective actions we can all take to shape the future we desire.

Finding solutions and making big decisions benefits from the input of many voices and perspectives. Please join us!

Whistler Public Library
Thursday, May 25
11:30am and 7:00pm
To reserve your spot, email

I've read the Whistler Sessions Scenarios booklet. Now what?

This is where the interesting work starts! You can use these scenarios as a means for personal reflection or they can be shared and contemplated with your friends, family, networks and colleagues.

Stay tuned for more opportunities for the community to learn about and use the Whistler Sessions Scenarios.

The Whistler Sessions scenarios initiative is convened by the Resort Municipality of Whistler. It is creating a community and region-wide network of people who are committed to collaborate for a better future for Whistler. The results of the Whistler Sessions work was culminated on the shared, unceded territory of the Lil’wat People, known in their language as ĹiÌwat7úl, and the Squamish People, known in their language as Skwxwú7mesh. We respect and commit to a deep consideration of their history, culture, stewardship and voice.

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