Everyone connected to Whistler has unique insights and lived experiences critical to our work at the RMOW.

As a Council Priority, authentic Community Engagement is at the heart of every interaction we have with you.

This year, and going forward, we will be seeking unique and authentic ways to link community members with each other and with Council. These casual meet ups aim to provide facetime, outside of council meetings, to talk about the things that matter most to you.

We can't wait to connect with you, and hear what's on your mind. See you soon!

What guides our engagement work

The RMOW’s definition of community engagement extends beyond seeking input into decision-making to embed this approach into our everyday work, and in every interaction we have with our community.

In late 2022, we reorganized to place far more weight on our citizens’ and visitors’ voices, through our new Community Engagement and Community Services division.

Council has subsequently set our connection with the community front and centre as one of its four top priorities in the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan for their term in office. The document calls for more connection with the community, and calls upon municipal staff to be innovative in our engagement approach and practices.

As such, we have established six Engagement Guiding Principles to focus our attention on high-impact connections. We used these principles as inspiration in designing this series to draw our citizens together with our council members for conversations which matter and influence change.

Our Engagement Guiding Priniciples

We're using the purpose statement and guiding principles below as working drafts. We look forward to your feedback on all of our engagement activities so we can learn and improve.

Our Engagement Purpose Statement

We seek to strengthen community connection and resilience by hosting conversations that matter and draw on Whistler’s collective know-how and experience to help inform decisions that consider the past, present, and future.

Our Engagement Principles

This new framework is a small example of how we are trying new things. It is important that our engagement work invites the community to weigh in and ponder ideas alongside us.

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