Let's work together to shape our spending priorities.

Whether you rent, own or are here just for a season, it’s important to hear from you, on how we can make the best financial decisions for everyone.

Local governments support citizens in their daily life. The RMOW provides essential services like clean water, road maintenance, wastewater management, stormwater management, and police and fire services to ensure your safety and well-being. We also strive to enhance your quality of life by maintaining parks, offering recreational programs, operating the library, and providing safe and sustainable transportation options.

When it comes to budgeting and prioritizing, we focus on three main areas:

  • operations;
  • capital projects; and
  • utilities (water and sewer).

We fund these areas through property taxes, fees and charges, and/or contributions from reserves. Unlike the provincial or federal governments, local governments in BC cannot run a deficit; we have to balance our budgets each year.


Tax dollars at work: What you need to know